There were explosions in your brain that led us down this trail, justifying the means for financial gain. That's how you go to sleep to yourself. Dehumanize. Subjugate. Discredit. You've cemented our historical part. You operate under the guise of human rights, but you only deal from a fragmented heart. MYocardium might be a bleeder. … Continue reading ruptcor


Blood should be thicker than water. and overrule destructive ideologies. It takes both to survive in this world to help fight against biological disease. Some humans possess an infection that transfusions cannot cure. It comes from place of unfortunate perception with a hate that seems to forever endure. I’ve met many universal donors; melanin doesn’t … Continue reading AB+

The United States of Human

I am inspired by the achievement and admire the long-haul roar. Every single system was set against you, and despite it, you managed to soar. I can't pretend I understand the trauma or the pain behind every shrill. I don't understand the synapses of drama, and I likely never will. I try my best to … Continue reading The United States of Human

The Grieving Chamber and Blooming Atrium

You think you have forever – that is, until you don’t. Then, there is no time to process. There is no anecdote. There’s simply you in a chamber of grieving, far removed from  your blooming atrium. A line in the sand has been drawn on what once was, and there’s no going back again. The … Continue reading The Grieving Chamber and Blooming Atrium

The Persistence of Ego Masturbation

I've been gone for far too long in a hibernation of despair, sleeping off egos and chess matches from people who barely pretend to care. They only do it for perception. God forbid their malice actually get caught. They hide behind Dali-painted smiles and interactions, believing their surrealism is actually being bought. Their Escher-like mind … Continue reading The Persistence of Ego Masturbation

Salix Babylonica

Hey there drooping Willow, have you been weeping for about 36 years while the earth has been shaking out your roots and the dirt has been collecting your tears? You're a beauty in all your grieving with the weight of your limbs draping over the earth. You see to some, your posture is deceiving. I … Continue reading Salix Babylonica

Songs about Factories

Some days I love traveling the memories of my mind, revisiting the ruins of the lost ones-- never knowing the emotions I may find; tracing through people I've loved and the people that I've feared-- the ones I've left behind, and the ones who've disappeared. Martha Wainwright, playing in the background-- the soundtrack to curtains … Continue reading Songs about Factories