She has a fire that burns inside of her.
It’s turbulent and un-refrained.
It is the energy that fuels all desire
and almost impossible to tame.
She doesn’t fear commitment.
No. She’s loyal to the core.
But, you have to leave her as she is,
expecting nothing more.
If you truly love the flower,
why pick it? Let it be.
Instead of killing it there on the spot,
it can bloom continuously.
The moment you decide to pull it up,
it will wilt and eventually die.
The moment you try to contain me
is the moment that so will I.
Leave me like that flower,
firmly rooted among earth and worms.
I have no plans of transplanting somewhere else.
I simply need to blossom on my own terms.
If you can sit back and let this happen
without enforcing your own decree.
I’ll bloom for you for the rest of my life.
I’ll bloom continuously.