What Might Have Been

I rinsed all
of my fears away
when I washed you down
the kitchen drain.

I let that ring
go down the sink.
Then, I poured myself
a nice stiff drink.

And, I don’t think about
what might have been.
That’s just another way
of lettin’ you in.

I worked too hard
and came too far,
and I’m never puttin’ down
this damn guitar.

You can tell yourself
what you need to cope.
But, you handed me the scissors
when I cut this rope.

So now, I keep
my time spread thin,
and I don’t dwell at all
on what might have been.

Don’t you ever for a second
think I didn’t care.
But, being with you
was like gasping for air.

I know you couldn’t help it,
and that’s the cold hard truth.
I’d have died a thousand deaths
just to hold onto you.

You are serial resurrection
just waitin’ to die.
I say my hail Mary’s
and turn out the light.

All you ever wanted
was to be forgiven.
That still doesn’t reconcile
what might have been.

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