When Belief Fails You

With all this talk of love, compassion, and empathy, I am mortified at people’s understanding of it. You can only meet people as deeply as they’ve met themselves (Matt Kahn). If they lack self-awareness, then they lack the ability for self-love, self compassion, and self-empathy. To believe in an idea, but refuse to look inward first, only means you do not possess the ability to give it. Instead, they saddle a high horse, whose worn-out leather is engraved with love, compassion, and empathy. They look tall and brave, steady, and ready for war. But, look and listen closely. They’re not on their feet. In fact, they’re cheating–themselves mostly–because, they’ve never learned how to balance in their boots. And when you listen to their war cry, you’ll hear the sound of projection, because their stables are devoid of the very virtues they scream. They simply believe in the idea, and quite frankly, belief is not enough.

Faith without works is dead.
-James 2:14