The Dreadnought Dame

Fish scales, mermaid tails,
and legends of the abyss–
that devil whale roams and rages,
plotting mass slaughter with a Judas kiss.
He’ll come at you like Jacky Fisher
with a new generation of artillery.
No longer playing the Lord Nelson class,
his maneuver–First Lord over Sea.
While discernment will take a committee
to see through superfiring, 12 inch guns,
he attempts to conceal his magazine rooms
to see how each lady runs.
Closer to the action station
with an aft unseen before,
he’s fueled by the steam of disillusion
in an attempt to be First Lord of War.
While he maintains the appearance of composure,
he’s commander of a sinking ship.
Though he aims to scare, dread not love,
he has no nautical grit.
First, he’s forgotten his liner
happens to be a she,
whose bigger than those who came before
with an established artillery.
Second, C.F. Martin had her in mind,
knowing she beautifully played the bigger game.
For, she is the liner and the full-bodied noise;
she is the Dreadnought Dame.