The Breaking Wind

You shattered the wind like broken glass,
then cried for an hour, or two.
The truth is darling, the breaking wind
seemed to have shattered you.
You couldn’t harness the invisible power,
but still, you rode off with bottled wind.
In all your tomfoolery, they blasted you–
a traveling salesman, just playing pretend.
But, you came back wiser than before
no more empty bottles–a side, freak show.
The map of creases all around your smile,
proved you learned to let the wind blow.
For, it does paint colors in the sky
and whispers secrets of the night.
It howls and pushes, growls and hushes,
creating an atmosphere for flying a kite.
The secret is darling, the breaking wind
caresses and soothes to mend.
The lesson here is learn to fly,
instead of breaking at every bend.