Can You Sea?

For now, you might be a drowning castaway,
grasping at straws in a violent sea.
I too have been there a time before,
and your storm will not detour me.
I’ve wrangled beastly sea creatures
that surfaced to drag me down.
I flailed in Arctic waters,
all the while refusing to drown.
And as soon as I quit fighting catastrophe,
I rolled over on my back to float,
realizing my body was the perfect vessel–
that I was in fact the perfect boat.
Eventually, I washed onto sandy beaches
with a crystal perspective, emerging anew.
I can appreciate the crashing waves on the shore,
and my friend I promise, so can you.
You never have to leave the churning ocean,
but you can put solid ground beneath your feet.
You can even wade out and swim a little,
never caving into crushing defeat.
For as soon as the tide begins rising,
you can simply retreat to shore.
You don’t have to be a flailing castaway.
You don’t have to fight stormy oceans anymore.
Cause, the moment you realize you were made perfectly–
exactly who you were supposed to be–
that’s the moment you channel your God-given gifts.
That’s the moment you can actually sea.