Merican Messiah

Mr. Ryan was a congressman,
and Jesus–a Mexican.
He came here for a better life.

He voted for the GOP,
because that was Christ’s chosen party,
but Mr. Ryan stabbed Jesus with a knife.

Ryan fortified his hatred for
the immigrants and working poor,
building a wall to trap these slaves inside.

The United States’ twenty-some percent
depend on the working immigrant–
just another way to keep Jesus crucified.

The American Christian church, of course,
hands out lettuce and strongly endorse,
claiming Christ only belongs to the GOP.

“Line our golden plates”, they say.
“Salvation hinges on attending Sunday.
If you don’t partake, you lose eternity.”

If one even wants to absolve their sins,
they can choose from 30,000 robbers’ dens
to ensure their soul is safe forevermore.

Merican Messiah is not monopolized.
He gets reconfigured, reshaped and sized.
Welcome to Christianity’s convenience store.

Of course, the taxes are not figured in–
hence, the robber’s den.
10% is demanded by every creed.

Christ was neither Catholic, nor Protestant.
A roving Jew and immigrant–
he specifically called out human greed.

A Middle Easterner and a Socialist,
advocating kindness, love, and a populist
he was a rogue rebel and revolutionary.

A shared name with the Mexican immigrant–
the very ones he tried to protect–
Merica is a modern-day Calvary.