The United States of Human

I am inspired by the achievement

and admire the long-haul roar.

Every single system was set against you,

and despite it, you managed to soar.

I can’t pretend I understand the trauma

or the pain behind every shrill.

I don’t understand the synapses of drama,

and I likely never will.

I try my best to see from your shoes;

I employ empathy as much as I’m able.

I can see the reality of cruel, inhumane systems

is they serve enduring trauma to every table.

I wish I could wipe away histories

and correct the dominant-cultural lies.

I’m living a life that aligns with more-promising futures

and making choices that bake equal socio-economic pies.

I’m raising the future of informed voters

in a blended household of globalization.

It’s a human right to have an equitable playing field,

because we belong to the Sapien nation.

I’ve always been a composer at heart

of the written lyric and musical noise.

I can see the pain and the deliberation

that goes into every single choice.

Pain is embedded in legacy,

and that’s what fuels the long-haul run.

I’m eager to create a new motion-picture soundtrack

to The United States of Human.