The Economics of Misfortune: a Story of Renegade Capitalism

I can see your fists are clinched around dissention

to the new economic-thinking thoroughfare.

Your mouth speaks of Christ’s crucifixion and ascension,

while your actions indicate a lack of Biblical flair.

You see, you can say the sky is yellow as loud as you want,

but research demonstrates a more factual view.

So, you get antagonistic and louder as you jeer and taunt,

because you don’t benefit from the sky being blue.

400-year old economic systems,

coming out of Medieval place

do not belong in a globalized, progressive world

when the stakes are the human race.

Geneticists have confirmed an amazing story;

we are all genetically linked.

Mother Africa still holds the most genetic diversity.

It’s time for Medieval, hierarchical thinking to go extinct.

The model from Western European Colonization

earns profit from the misfortune of others.

Warm pews and songs of praise won’t cut it

when boots remain on the necks of sisters and brothers.

It’s okay that new ways of thinking

threaten you to a generations-endowed core.

You have a choice to dig deep and get fluid.

Your way holds the same fate as the dinosaur.

You see, there is no perfect structure.

That’s why fluidity must drive the day.

In an acceptable system that embraces the future,

with a pie that gives everyone a say.

Your alignment to Medieval thinking,

poses a great risk even unto yourself.

You’re to busy clinging to a ship that is sinking

after hitting a quickly deteriorating economic ice shelf.

The bigger picture might not have a perfect solution,

but traversing backwards is not the purview.

The Earth has never been flat, nor the sky yellow.

It is round with a sky that is blue.