A tidal wave comes crashing in.

This is the low you sometimes feel.

You can either sit along the shore,

and let it beat you until your body is ill,


recognize this is the pace

of all things salt water down here on Earth.

Sometimes it’s rocks in outer space

that dictate the emotion of what we’re worth.

With that in mind, you can grab a board

and swim against that crashing wave.

And stand up amidst what you’ve endured,

refusing to be circumstances’ slave.

Once nighttime’s  grip has finally turned loose,

and calm water has once again reappeared,

you can harvest the fruit that was washed ashore,

because believe me darling valuable things have appeared.

You now always know that tides do rise,

and tidal waves will come crashing in.

Always have a board on hand without surprise,

and know calm water will appear again.