Looking back is

just a loss.

Looking forward

contains not promised dreams.

For yesteryear is

a poorly-remembered impostor,

and morrow

is never what it seems.

The past is nothing more than a boggy plain,

stretching endlessly to pull you in.

The future is like chasing a rainbow—

just a spectrum with a glorified end.

Like Bunyan described all those years ago,

all journeys are weighted with struggle and victory.

But, I must depart now from his view

and the futile simplicity of his allegory.

I cannot be vested in the past,

nor an idea of a kingdom in the stars.

I find such aversions quite aghast,

holding us back from exactly who we are.

All humanity maintains a sacred idea

of who we’d like to be.

However, we only have today to breath it in

and prove our worth as we write the story.

I don’t disagree with future hope.

Please, don’t get me wrong.

But, we must rid ourselves of attachment and self-lies,

knowing the active present is where we all belong.