I’m going to leave early,

my lovely little bee.

I enjoyed our time together

quite immensely.

The refuge of my solitude

calls out to me now.

With a curtsy and a flick of wrist,

I’ll take my exiting bow.

I’ll kiss you on your cheek,

but it’ll turn into something more.

We can’t be that close together

without passion starting to soar.

I have to restrain myself darling.

Surely, you can understand.

There’s too much vulnerability

in the touch of your hand.

So many things make this seem impossible,

and I’m still searching for myself.

I have to make sure that I’m complete,

before I find anybody else.

You, however, optimize gentry.

You stare at me in such amazement.

I find myself getting lost inside

wonderment and a haze.

I must admit quite shyly,

“I loved how you slowly unzipped my blouse.”

At that moment, you paralyzed me.

You started to kiss my mouth.

You ran your fingers through my hair

and brushed it to the side.

My stomach was in knots and fluttering.

I was a wreck on the inside.

You definitely are not forceful,

but I know how far you want to go.

I’ll see you tomorrow night darling,

but the answer is still no.