You wrote it in a letter

about how your love, he had to leave.

You spent your last night together

as you both began to grieve.

You knew this day was coming;

you said it so yourself.

But, your hearts were always in each other

and never anybody else.

I’m sure it will always be this way.

Your energy will always be intertwined.

It was something so much deeper than physical.

You’re indefinitely combined.

You might both move on

and find somebody new,

who’ll patch up a space that needs filling

that was left empty there by you.

You’ll always think back to one another.

Your time was never wasted, nor in vain.

Because of those moments that you shared,

you’ll never be the same.

It’s a tragedy how we sometimes can find the one,

but cannot end up together.

Though, the short time you got to hold each other

was worth the anguish you’ve had to suffer.

Because of you, I’ve shed many tears,

but I’ve broken many a smile.

Even though the distance was short and the pain was long,

you were worth every mile.