via Daily Prompt: Miniature

I’m a wee and feeble woman.
That’s what you tell yourself to cope.
You insist I’m only allowed a looking glass,
while I prefer a kaleidoscope.
When I describe a color you cannot see,
you forcefully put me back into my status.
God forbid my eyes be sharper than yours.
So, you deem it the devil’s apparatus.
You take me to holy places to worship;
to show me the error of my ways.
Unfortunately for you, I can hear color
in all the things the holy man says.
It’s not just my eyes that see differently.
I feel and hear the contrast, too.
You demand that if my love is real,
I’ll change myself for you.
So, I’ve taken medications
and beat my brains out just to change.
But, that internal pull that is who I am,
refuses to rearrange.
So now, let me state this simply:
“I will not sit pretty as a picture.”
All because your Boneparte
happens to be miniature.