I do not need a crucifix,
a soapbox, or a niche.
I am certainly not a martyr,
a cleric, or a bitch.
The only high road I believe in walking
is the internal, unadulterated truth.
This can be found in the old and wise,
as well as the innocence of youth.
It’s not always going to be the same
for you as it is for me.
I’m quite comfortable in that fact,
as we only microcosmically see.
It is simply just an inside pull
that we must connect to be free
from the chains that are conventionalism,
typically lacking morality.
You can find it in your deepest sadness,
or your excitable extremes.
You can find it only at the core
of all the stitching at your seams.
As long as you implore empathy
among all of your happenings,
what is God will be at the center
of your life’s undertakings.