via Daily Prompt: Vice

I was thinking—
just yesterday—
about the people in my life.
They have marked me
in a profound way.
They cannot be replicated twice.
I usually don’t disagree with Rumi,
but on this one occasion,
I cannot conform.
He said, “Don’t grieve.
Anything you lose
comes around in another form.”
You see,
yesterday my mother
strung silver around my collar.
It’s my grandmother’s fingerprint—
proof there is no other.
We even gather their bouncing photons
in the particle detectors of our eyes.
Our neurons are electromagnetically charged,
forever changed by the heat of their lives.
So, it’s really no wonder that people
can hold us in such a tightened grip.
They can become our corruption or redemption—
an elixir we must sip.
Losing and letting go
is never an easy feat.
That loss feels irreplaceable,
and their absence, a defeat.
So in understanding how people impact us
and cannot be replicated twice.
It’s quite fitting that a portion of my family’s last name
happens to be Vice.