I can imagine few things more trying to the patience than the long wasted days of waiting. – Sir Robert Falcon Scott

Motherhood isn’t hard.
It’s fucking insane.
It’s an uphill battle
with nothing,
but ballet flats,
a dulled ice pick,
and an Everest of a future.
While I could parallel this journey
to sea navigation,
I’d much rather choose
Sir Robert Falcon Scott’s
South Pole exploration.
Sea navigation is smooth sailing—
even on the stormiest of days.
Motherhood at its finest
is sub-freezing.
Sometimes, you can’t see.
At worst,
the climate will take pieces of you.
At best,
it will kill you.
Everything goes stale.
You might fall into
an eternal crevasse,
and whoever you’ve attached yourself to,
might just fall in with you.
Or, visa-versa.
The end,
renowned glory—
a feat no man can take from you for all eternity—
even after death.