That rugged road
down darkness leads.
With distance behind you,
my heart, it bleeds.
Those flashing lights
that passed you by
glared those starbursts
in your eyes.
For every mile
you put on your car,
getting you back to
who you are,
burned holes right through
this bleeding heart.
The ghost of you
rips me apart.
You left me here
right where I stood
in the worst of ways,
deconstructing the good.
Milwaukee called,
and you traversed.
Did you ever put
your car in reverse?
I made a drive
by your old place today.
I needed to cry
the pain away.
As I drove away,
I wrote these rhymes.
I replayed “Holocene”
a million times.
That song, it makes
me think of you.
I wish you’d make the call
like I asked you to.
But, we broke our bond.
You took to your depart.
When you went,
you left with a piece of my heart.
So, if you ever make
your way back ‘round,
you know exactly where
I can be found.
And with one salute,
we were not magnificent.
Then, you drove
for miles and miles and miles.