This Radical Love

via Daily Prompt: Radical

is a radical notion.
You put your heart
on a string
with the chance
of two outcomes:

  1. They bite and swim away.
  2. They bite, and you reel them in.

Both the catcher
and the caught
have a 50/50 chance
of being the vulnerable one:

  1. They leave with your heart.
  2. You reel them in, only to cast them out.

In this kind of love,
someone is always at
a disposition.

has a radical flip-side.
If you’re complete
in your alone-ness,
then you will be complete
in your oneness.
In completion,
there’s no need
for strings
and fishing
and reeling.
There’s you,
your self-generated happiness,
and someone to share it with.
Even if they choose
to walk away,
they didn’t have your heart,
because you only shared it.
You didn’t give it.

is something radical
to be given
and shared
in gratitude
—in completion.

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