I simply love the idea
that beauty is nature’s accident.
It amazes me, however,
how many believe they’ve set a precedent.
As quickly as it was given to you,
so it can be taken away.
You’ve done nothing to deserve it.
Go ahead. Try to preserve it.
It’s fleeting and will fade away.
That is, however, physical beauty.
She’s a brutal master if you cave.
She’s cruel, determined, and powerful,
but a curse, making you her slave.
She’ll force you to bow down and worship her.
Be careful. Don’t give in.
She’s a shallow, tyrannical ruler,
decaying you from within.
Put her to the side,
still knowing that she is there.
Live your life in graceful stride,
whilst still taking intent care
of the internal being
that is housed within your skin.
You’re bound to sparkle from the outside
if your shine is coming from within.