via Daily Prompt: Dilemma

A war is being fought daily—
one that strengthens or weakens the spine.
The rope of struggle is pulled back and forth
in this internal dilemma of mine.
There’s never a moment of curtailing,
fighting for consistent ground.
With arrows sharp, I aim for truth,
but only dilemma can be found.
In my heart, I am noble and stoic.
In my mind, I am fluidity.
In my conscience, I am justice and tolerance.
However, dilemma still consumes me.
No pill can ward off the struggle.
A mindful state—at best—assists.
I affix my focus on the positive,
but dilemma still persists.
Apathy creeps up without warning,
overpowering my empathy.
Dark shadows cast over the goodness and
rain dilemma down upon me.
So, I do something I love daily—
even when care and concern are gone.
I hold tight to the truth of my values,
knowing dilemma can be outdone.
There’s no certainty to the rules that they teach you.
They’re made-up—just figments of the mind.
Even planets exist that are rogue, too,
taking their own turns in kind.
Dilemma is a force to dominate,
keeping you questioning your reality.
Cling tight to the truth of your values
and know there’s no wrong way to be.

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