via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

The bell went off.
My vision
was still blurry
from the last blow.
I was struggling
to stand—
like a fly
that landed
in gasoline,
to buzz around.
My opponent,
Every blow
felt like
a hammer
to the stomach.
Every time
I seemed to find
my footing,
another setback:
she’s dead;
he’s dead;
your husband left;
you have a tumor.
Today, I was speaking
with a beloved friend.
Her love,
he had to leave.
He was Kurdish.
She was Irish.
His family
would have accepted
I told her,
“Every time
our lives
are rearranged,
we always wonder,
are we going to make it
to the other side of this’?
we always do.
We are EVERLASTing.”