Just before I met you,
I was the definition of a mess.
I was borderline insanity.
I was certainly not my best.
I’ll never forget the night we met,
and the way you stared at me.
You couldn’t peel your eyes away,
like I was the only thing you could see.
We had such a good connection,
and I would have invested in you.
Timing was not on our side, but
you felt the same way about me, too.
There were many things between us.
Some wouldn’t have let us work out.
Never mind that. You were meant for me.
I’m certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
You reminded me of who I was
and helped me realize I’m in no rush.
The fact that I can’t let you go,
tells me you were more than just a crush.
I try to remind myself of the reasons,
but the good far outweighs the bad.
That’s what makes this thing so damn hard.
That’s what makes me so damn sad.
I don’t know if I’ll forever feel this way.
For now, I can’t just let this be.
So, I’ll sit tight in my restless longing
and remember all you were to me.