Your pew might be warm,
but your heart is cold.
I can tell, when your tongue moves, 
steam rolls.
Your horse might be high,
but your integrity is low.
Your stable is empty,
and your fields are fallow.
I understand your behavior
reflects your relationship with yourself.
Please, do everyone a favor,
and quit projecting onto everyone else.
If you truly loved yourself,
you’d see you are the other.
But because you are divided in your mind,
you leave no room to discover:
Underneath it all,
we are all the same.
As the good book says,
he, not YOU, knows them all by name.
Let me remind you,
according to Corinthians 13,
if you fail to have love,
you are nothing.
If you must continue to hate,
please do it silently.
Not even Jesus could stomach
the Pharisees.
So why should we?