We met when the ice had melted,
and we took long swims in the sea.
Our love was bright with currents strong.
The warmth devoured you and me.
But for all things down here on Earth,
seasons come and quickly change.
All matter shifts without a moment’s notice.
All things rearrange.
In the spirit of unannounced changes,
we awoke with frost in our head.
We made love. We betrayed love.
We tried to keep fires burning in our bed.
But eventually, the sea froze solid
and our basking days became a memory.
Just like that, the season ended.
No more swimming in the sea.
But, I know this theory.
If you can bundle up, my love,
have faith in the other side.
With determination, we’ll hunt these shadows down
and take this strait in stride.
Despite the dark, the damp, and cold,
these frozen waters can still be navigated.
Not even the Pleistocene lasted forever, my love.
We’ve just simply never hibernated.
For all we know, this winter chill
bears nothing more than a permafrost.
Stay the course. Track our love,
and no effort will be lost.
If you haven’t figured it out, my darling,
love is bold, and it is daring.
It’s hot and cold, something to behold.
Above all, it’s always Bering.