via Daily Prompt: Culture

and “Let them cake!”
That was not
her biggest mistake.
The carousel of 1662
was something she never really knew.
That doesn’t matter.
The grandeur was something
she married into.
Once upon time,
an Austrian teen
married a prince
and became a French queen.
She was an image—an idol—
in her early age.
But, as Shakespeare once said,
“All the world’s a stage.”
The mob quickly shifted,
calling her Madame Déficit.
Their preceding hatred for the royals
made her life a bit problematic.
So, on the ill-fated morning
of 1793,
Marie Antoinette
lost her head to the guillotine.
You see,
not much really changes
over time and space.
Some things are just hard-wired
into the human race.
The takeaway here
that everyone should know:
people are only ever after
a damn good show.
In the end, few things really matter
if they matter at all.
As quickly as you rise,
they love to watch you fall.