Thorny Hellos

via Daily Prompt: Protest

You were not gushing,
or overly enthusiastic.
You were a little playful as usual,
but more to the point.
My answers and questions
were a little awkward,
and so were yours.
We left the conversation hanging,
because forced interactions
can be quite painful.
And really, what is there to say?
You responded, and I am grateful.
Besides, I didn’t reach out for you.
You became a part of me
no matter how hard I tried to fight it.
So in essence, I reached out
to a much missed part of myself.
That’s a lie.
I reached out for you, too.
Life is far too short for ego.
I simply wanted to let you know
that I was thinking about you,
as I do from time-to-time.
Even with all the distance and the
you reached back without hesitation.
There’s no longer silent protest between us,
and while our hellos are thorny,
I can still smell the lingering scent of rose.
That is enough.

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