You’re the wakening sunrise
and the electric sunset.
You’re drunken goodbyes
and unforgettable regret.
You’re obvious red flags,
but the willingness to be blind.
You’re humility in well-dressed rags
and a rough gem-of-a-find.
Neither polished, nor pristine,
you’re a stylish apparition.
You’re a fresco in the Sistine,
and the theme of Beyonce’s “Partition.”
You’re evading and non-committal.
You’re also determination and vigor.
You’re the most captivating riddle.
For you, I’d pull the trigger.
You’re everything I ever wanted,
and nothing I’ll secure.
The ghost of you leaves me haunted—
a fright I’m willing to endure.
Because even in spirit,
you’re worth an eternity.
Although you might never hear it,
knowing you changed me.