via Daily Prompt: Simple

He was my heart’s desire,
the longing in my veins.
He was a wild and raging fire,
an unwavering, turbulent flame.
He was the mirror of my lunacy,
the break in every bone.
He was the premier of my debut you see,
and a painful death by stone.
He was the hammer to my chest
and the inability to walk.
He was swimming without a safety vest
and the ever-ticking clock.
But, I arose anyway
and learned just how to swim.
I kept time and made my way,
doing all of it without him.
I pulled myself together
and decided I would pluck
the finest of all the feathers.
I refused to remain stuck.
I navigated loneliness
and faced my demons down.
I kept a smile on my face,
because I simply refused to drown.
And when I least expected it,
I found you standing there.
You were more than just a run and hit.
We infused ourselves with care.
Time was simply just not on our side.
Sometimes, we only get a season.
You were my refuge, a place to hide.
So, to hell with any reason.
I won’t sugar coat the pain I felt
the day you moved away.
You made every fiber of me melt,
even though you couldn’t stay.
Losing you gets easier
with each new day I wake.
You made me a believer.
So no. You weren’t a mistake.
Your fingertips put light back
into every place you touched.
Of course, we cannot backtrack,
but I still think of you too much.
I find myself back on my own,
still learning how to swim.
Every crack in every single bone
is healing in spite of and because of him.