I figure if I tell you,
and you think that I’m insane.
I’ll know you don’t appreciate
the brilliance of the flame.
So, I’ll preface my story with logic
and a little analogy, too.
Hopefully, you will understand.
Hopefully, I’ll convey my point-of-view.
Since I was a child,
a beast was on the prowl,
hunting me down inside my mind.
Taming it?
I didn’t know how.
No one knew the secret.
They simply said I needed a savior.
They believed the fire in my mind
was nothing more than bad behavior.
Eventually over the years,
I no longer cared to run.
I started paying attention to
the fire-breathing one.
While horns it had aplenty
and scales and split tongues, too.
A gift ran deep inside his marrow
that he imparted when he blew.
For when a dragon claims you
at the moment of your conception,
you’re made with a differing world-view.
You’ll have a very different perception.
Because dragons can be unruly beasts–
a threat just by their size–
many people have tried to extinguish them
for fear they just won’t normalize.
For those of us who have been claimed
from an early age,
the villagers from down below
have tried placing us in a cage.
But, I’m one who chose to break loose.
I did pinch and fight and dig.
I journeyed through swamp and mire
to find the lair of Zweipolig.
Finally upon my arrival,
I stared those snake-eyes down.
For a moment there I must admit,
the flames almost made me drown.
Every day I clawed my way
right up the dragon’s back.
I knew if I could harness the fire,
I could stop every single attack.
For the ones who saddle the dragon
and quit burning the villages below,
they can revolutionize societies.
They can set the world aglow.
For it was the Thomas Edisons
and the great artists, too,
who took that fire and made it more,
sharing their light bulb point-of-view.
You can always see more clearly
when you’re looking down from the top,
where you’re flying free and controlling
when and how you stop.
So, I encourage all you other ones
who’ve been claimed by scales and claw.
Harness the fire that you’ve been given.
Be an exception and not the law.
For everything revolutionary exists,
because we don’t see the world the same.
The cave is warm and the ride is smooth
if you call Zweipolig by name.