via Daily Prompt: Tremble

“She was a born rebel
and hard to handle,” some said.
They tried to bend her and break her
and fuck with her head.
Amidst the destruction,
she knew the value of her lot.
So, some tried to sway her and pay her,
thinking she could be bought.
Just when they figured
she was down to her knees.
She stood up with a grin
and spoke of her disease.
She said:
I am a long summers day,
barefoot in green grass.
I am clamor and chatter,
reservation and class.
I’m a tall drink of whiskey
and a short cup of tea.
I am high heals and diamonds,
but also faded blue jeans.
I am enthusiasm and love,
logic and caring.
I am to-hell-with-it-all,
spontaneous and daring.
I’m affection and warmth,
a cool dipping pool.
I am a tornado of apathy
to the self-righteous fool.
I am heart and soul
to the wounded and low.
I am Tyson if you push me,
and I’ll come out with a blow.
I’m swimming in a creek
on a warm summer’s day.
I’m a cruise ship in the Med
on my Greek getaway.
No. I don’t have to explain myself,
or all the things that I resemble.
I won’t hustle for validation.
I hope that makes your ego tremble.
I know my value
and have learned to love myself.
I refuse to be what you want.
I refuse to be anything else
other than the woman
I’ve worked so hard to become.
If you can’t take it, then leave it.
I only have room for one.