I might not ever get to tell you
how I feel about your apology.
Your rejection was fierce and honest,
and that meant so much to me.
I really treasured our conversation
and the things you had to say.
I hope I can tell you face-to-face
if we get to meet again someday.
When I spoke to you on the phone,
I could hear a mission in your voice.
I knew there was more to the story,
and you were making the honest choice.
You told me you were sorry,
because you were speaking to someone.
It wouldn’t be fair to me or her.
It wouldn’t be fair to anyone.
You were straightforward and to the point.
But, you were kind and compassionate, too.
So, now I want you to know
what I just learned from you.
I’m not blind. I had you tempted.
But, I didn’t know about her.
I’m not that sort of person.
I just simply would have never.
You stood firm in your truth and loyalty,
respecting everyone in the situation.
You showed how you valued yourself,
because you rejected intense temptation.
You still offered me an apology,
but you didn’t owe me a thing, you see.
You gave me truth and compassion.
You showed respect towards me.
You proved to me I’m so much more
and am worth a simple explanation
to clarify why you can’t get involved;
this is the one and last conversation.
Your lady is very lucky,
because many men would have caved.
They would have dug a hole 6 feet in.
They would have dug a massive grave.
Because I really only just met you,
I didn’t know what to expect.
I’m not an easy one to win over,
but you have earned my complete respect.
Before you got off the phone,
you said you’ll look for me if you’re solteiro.
We can cross that bridge if it’s ever built,
and you just might have yourself a deal.