The way the West was won
was at the barrel of a gun.
Evacuate and displace,
assimilate and erase
until we’ve destroyed them one-by-one.

We justified slaughtering humanity
through the discourse of Manifest Destiny.
Railroads and Westward Expansion,
gold rushes and opening land runs
were necessary evils. Can’t you see?

The way the West was built
was propped up by human stilt.
Slaves and then Chinamen,
the Irish and then Mexican—
they’re subhuman. There’s no need for guilt.

We’ll keep the ones who are legal.
We need them to keep the elite regal.
Modern slavery and oppression,
poverty and indiscretion
keeps them completely and totally expendable.

And now, we’ll build a wall
to demoralize them all.
Trapped inside the USA,
so they can’t get away.
We can’t have them escaping. So, we’ll build it tall.

Oh, you thought it was so they couldn’t get in—
the illegal, entitled Mexican.
The few and far between—
the ones you’ve never seen—
Here’s a shovel, Miguel. Now go dig in.

Who do you think will build the wall–
the one you want so tall?
The white man or the African?
You dummy, it’s the Mexican;
because, the Indians, we almost killed them all.

The way the West was smashed
was by electing what should have been trashed.
Bankruptcies and immortality
made him a good businessman, you see.
And for his expense, America will be cashed.

And now, we hear your faithful voices,
praising Jesus in your rejoices.
Because, Christ belonged to the GOP.
Don’t you know anything about antiquity?
Fascism was laden in his choices.

In fact, his parables clearly state
that if you truly want to be great
accumulate a gross amount of wealth.
Like Lazarus disregard the poor man’s health.
Then, you’ll inherit God’s heavenly state.

The way they’ll remember the West
was that it fell just like the rest.
Neither isolated, nor exempt.
History will hold complete contempt.
For checks and balances won’t pass the test.

If you were born a peasant,
eating grub, instead of pheasant
and root stews with wheat grasses,
cupping hands, instead of glasses,
then you’re nothing more than a disposable piss ant.

If you find complete detest
in my writing of the way of the west–
pure greed and hypocritical,
in need of vagina and less testicle–
then act better than the rest.