You are the:
I’ve-stopped-thinking-about-you, my love.
I’m finally moving on.
Though no one ever could replace you,
you’re just simply too far gone.
I’m the:
But with each new step I take,
you’re the only face I see
in all the love I make.
It’s the:
crippling me once more.
I thought I had moved passed this,
but you’ve rocked me to the core.
It’s been months since your departure,
and you were just a summer-time fling.
Your seed took root in the depths of my heart,
and I’m afraid you became my Spring.
So, I think it’s rather simple
how I feel and how I long.
You put the laughter back into my smile.
You put the words back into my song.
As I start this process over,
mourning you once again,
I’ll grieve you for the billionth time,
hoping this will be the end.
But, I have this theory, lover.
It’s that when you think of me;
I automatically feel you.
It’s Quantum Entanglement, you see.
So, please do me a favor, honey.
Get me out of your mind.
Stop pulling me into this vortex—
the dizzying and never-ending kind.
Or, get your ass back over here,
and make my heart your song.
The only place we’ll ever feel at home
is in my arms, where you belong.