I hope there’s magic in your mysticism
and rationale strung in your head.
I pray there’s constructive in your criticism,
and love made in your bed.
I hope you know how hard work feels,
but calluses never form.
I pray there’s honesty in all your deals
with a heart that’s forever warm.
I hope your hand is always firm,
but gentle to the touch.
I pray your strong arm isn’t grim
and never used too much.
I hope you cherish miracles
and recognize when they appear.
Remember the world is spherical–
a flotilla in the atmosphere.
I believe in things that don’t seem there–
ones we can neither prove nor see.
Remember the world is never fair,
but you can still aim to be.
Above all darling, I hope you know
God lives inside and not above.
But mostly, plant your seed and watch it grow–
the reason we call procreation, making love.