I’ve had the good fortune of knowing
a spirit so bright and golden.
She’s a treasure trove, internally glowing,
and has the power to enliven and embolden.
She met me with kindness at my very worst.
She made me see so very clearly
that I was nothing less than grace and class;
that I was fabulous just being me.
She radiates kindness and compassion.
Her wispy energy leaves the room feeling bright.
She’s a smile, a joke, a good book, and a prayer.
She is the solar flares of all light.
But mostly, she sees the good in others–
even when there’s little to find.
I hope I’m like you when I’m your age,
because Sena, you’re one of a kind.
You know they say what you see in others
is what actually exists in you.
Golden, you are one in a million,
and Fabulosa is actually you!
So, I wrote you this little poem
to try and capture all I’d like to say.
You’re just too great, and there’s just too much.
I just want to celebrate you on your special day.

Happy Birthday!