Say “hello” to your new life,
where endless potential has taken floor,
and the crowd has already emptied
from who you were before.
The threshold of change is anchored
in who you project to be.
So when you pull the bow string back,
steady and aim quite carefully.
The moment you wear your dancing shoes,
make sure the sole’s worn down
for proof that you showed up to
a night out on life’s town.
Once the dance is over,
go barefoot for awhile
so you know just how the earth feels,
as you walk a dirty mile.
Then when you get your shoes back–
skillfully mended by the cobbler’s hand–
you can better appreciate all your tapping
to a polyphonic-improv band.
But this time when you take the stage,
your shoes are polished just like your tap.
Use a beatboxing mouth and percussive feet
to underscore your polyrhythmic rap.
Then, tone the experimentation back into
a ballet of grace and style–
always remembering just how your feet felt
as you walked that dirty mile.