Poetry for Poets

Some poets write
for the masses.
I write
for the poets–
the ones you can
neither hear,
nor see;
the ones
who do not exist in
our explainable reality.
So, here’s to
the thinkers,
the seers,
the believers
the Earth shakers,
the dreamers,
the love makers,
the high stake-rs,
the truth seekers.
Keep your mouthpiece
plugged into
the amp
we call the Universe.
No force
can undo
written infinity,

6 thoughts on “Poetry for Poets

    1. Thank you. This came from a conversation with a colleague about how do we, as poets and artists, fight back against tyrannies, injustices, and mis-truth in a very polluted and self-serving world? We use our pens, paintbrushes, and instruments. I’m glad you enjoyed this!


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