Lost to Me

I staged this little mission–
an I-don’t-give-damn rendition–
to pardon my being aware.

I apologize if it sounds
like I’m skirting on the grounds
of simply not having a care.

Please trust me when I say,
I think of you everyday.
Sometimes, you enter my dreams.

But, I need to move past this.
I can’t stop and reminisce.
I’m not the side-chick in your schemes.

There’s so much good in you,
and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
just to go back for one more day.

Unfortunately, that can’t be.
So, I’ll do what’s best for me.
No looking back. I’m not going that way.

I died a thousand times,
and I wrote a thousand rhymes,
just trying to set my soul free.

Like Agnes to the French
when she threw a massive wrench,
you are lost, not missing, to me.

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