Prime Real Estate

Almost an entire nation
adhere to a blue-collar station,
willingly to pay a PMI.

On a chance they can’t deliver,
paying money to the mortgage lender,
they’ll spend a fortune without ROI.

But, the ones who are smart
sit tight in a modest start
gradually building wrung by wrung.

They can see with long-term vision
and use discretion in their mission.
Wisdom never lives fast to die young.

While perfect picket fences
always seemed like clear pretenses,
their value–I now see.

I really always thought,
gardens weren’t something to be bought;
they should exist quite freely.

But, people never want
what’s picked in a quick jaunt.
We’re all wired to sit and wait.

I’m neither a lender, nor insurance.
Your pre-approval and 20% assurance
won’t buy you this real estate.

If you have some handy skills,
power tools, and working drills
with the ability to lay some stones.

You can submit your business card.
Just know the work will be hard,
but sometimes people make the perfect homes.

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