Oh my love,
never lose your sense
of wonder.
Like the sun,
you are a beautiful,
shining star–
born for a life of
explosive luminosity.
Human moths will be
drawn to you;
you possess a light
they never will.
They’ll do their best
to eat holes in your beams–
your radiant spirit.
They’ll want
a piece of you.
Don’t be blinded
by your own light;
you only ever see
the world as you are:
Glowing. Dynamic. Fierce.
when the moths come
for you
it’s okay
to go supernova.
Explode dramatically.
All stars do.
Then, be reborn
And above all,
you don’t owe them
a thing, you see.
You never did,
and you never will.
but only ever on your own
stellar evolutionary stages.

(The term “Human Moths” is Dr. John Duncan’s verbiage in his philosophical, Facebook explanation on human beings on 8/1/17.)