These Haunted Halls

Many whispered in your ear,
once you took the stage.
They spoke in hushed vilification
from a place of covert rage.
You tried to prove for steady years
that you’d never pick a side
and worked to sooth all their fears
long after their ghosts had died.
But, these apparitions still waged a war
deep inside their head,
haunting their shell of human life
long after their hope was dead.
Soon your brain began spinning,
and you built bigger than the lot.
They seemed to underestimate that,
indicative in the way they fought.
They planted a seed called jealousy
and watered it every day,
doing their best to undermine you
in their child-like, vulnerable way.
You finally came to the realization:
their not fighting you after all.
Ghosts still haunt their memory.
You just happened to be in the hall.

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