It’s not the actual roses
that will win you my intense smile;
it’s knowing you joyfully extended yourself–
that I was worth the extra mile.
For if you’re willing and able to invest yourself,
acting with thought-out consideration,
then you, my darling, will turn my attention
into a lifetime of admiration.
It’s the thought-out investments you choose to make
that build value and return for a lifetime.
But, you’re too busy chasing how you appear,
wanting subservient side-chicks in your prime.
You refused to bring your head around that
you might actually have to invest.
You’re used to selfishly having your way,
or you manipulatively and passive-aggressively protest.
You simply wanted what you wanted
and didn’t give a damn about what I had to say.
You were on a one-tracked mission
and only wanted your selfish way.
Haven’t you ever heard the saying,
“Nothing in this world is free”?
The tell-tale signs were wrapped in fluorescent lights,
blinking “You hate boundaries.”
I want to be extremely clear:
my value hinges on my own self-view.
I don’t need you to feel validated.
In fact, I don’t NEED anything from you.
You seemed checkered with a poor view of pawns,
and I had my qualms from the very start.
There’s a reason the old saying goes,
anything worth doing is “Worth the effort.”
I don’t have to explain any of this.
You know exactly how you behaved.
You hoped I’d bow down to your destructive ways
and walk the checkered road you paved.
While you view pawns as expendable–
maneuverable to kill a king–
the ambitious and the cautious ones know
they have the capacity to become queen.

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