Making Peace

In this uncertain life, my darling,
you don’t always get a second chance
to backtrack through precious memories–
to relive out precious romance.
Sometimes these things end poorly,
though you gave someone profound care.
Night after night you just can’t let them go,
still reaching out, still wanting them there.
I tried for a year, I promise you
to shut the door to your memory.
I cannot explain what was between us,
but you have been my unmade peace.
Last night, I got to taste you,
and feel you, skin-to-skin.
For the first time in over a year,
I can live down what might have been.
I’ll tell you this precious lover:
I don’t know where the road goes from here.
I don’t know who will end up holding you,
or who we’ll both be in another year.
I do know that I’ll forever miss you,
though the pain and longing are now at ease.
It was us unmaking your bed last night
that allowed me to make that peace.
So, here’s to you and reliving those moments
that would take our laughter and breath away.
Go conquer the world like you’re supposed to do,
and come back to me again someday.

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