November 27th. 2017.

November 27th. 2017.
You were a sight for sore eyes and a long-lost dream.
Living in the past, years down the line,
replaying romance one last time.
Laying in your arms, hands clasped so tight.
Memories pulling us deeper into a lovers’ night.
Years in the making, I could feel it in the air
that one day you’d make your way back ’round here.
But, that dark, rugged road has taken you once more,
Milwaukee lulling you back to your front door.
I don’t really know who we are supposed to be,
but even your memory is just fine with me.
As you make your way to your hometown, know:
my heart is yours if yours ever needs a home.
After all this time, I finally found my peace
on November 27th. 2017.

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