There’s a reason
you lived in Phoenix
until you were three.
One day,
you’d need to know
how to walk into
the fire and burn,
emerging from the ashes–
a fierce-some creature
men tell legends about.

One thought on “Phoenix

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    The AAAmazing Phoenix

    There are always reasons
    For a Phoenix all seasons
    I simmer in summer
    I augment in Autumn
    Then one winter
    In a northern
    November Hemisphere
    I retire
    -I cannot remember where-
    My heart’s afire
    With gnarls and gnashes
    And fiery flashes
    In December
    I turn and burn
    In my fire
    My funeral pyre
    Then as every ember
    Grows older
    and colder
    And turns to ashes
    I freeze
    I cease
    I expire
    In spring
    Some eons after
    With flickers flames and flashes
    -Ignore my tenterhooks-
    I emerge from the ashes
    And await your tender looks
    I’m a fierce-some creature
    With an eternal feature
    Sadly not one you share
    For you have perished
    Without any laughter
    For eons I’ve cherished
    Our memories with care.

    Alan Grace
    4 December 217

    Daily prompt: Tenterhooks

    Inspired by:


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