In their anger, some lose compassion for
and use harsh words, trying to convey
all the hurt that they feel inside;
because, somehow you’ve lost your way.
I, too, cannot completely understand
what has driven you to this place
to abandon a child completely,
vanishing without a trace.
I wish beyond measure that you’d let me in.
I know how hard the road can be,
burning bridges and chasing the wind
in your quest for self-discovery.
But no man can ever teach you
what you already possess inside.
Some will pretend that they’re your refuge–
a safe harbor for you to hide.
But the ones who are truly kings, my love,
would never make that claim.
They simply extend a steady, companion’s hand.
The road is long–even when you know your own name.
So, I will continue to send you messages
no matter how long you roam,
and I will keep a candle burning for you
until you decide to come back home.