Without a Trace

In their anger, some lose compassion for
and use harsh words, trying to convey
all the hurt that they feel inside;
because, somehow you’ve lost your way.
I, too, cannot completely understand
what has driven you to this place
to abandon a child completely,
vanishing without a trace.
I wish beyond measure that you’d let me in.
I know how hard the road can be,
burning bridges and chasing the wind
in your quest for self-discovery.
But no man can ever teach you
what you already possess inside.
Some will pretend that they’re your refuge–
a safe harbor for you to hide.
But the ones who are truly kings, my love,
would never make that claim.
They simply extend a steady, companion’s hand.
The road is long–even when you know your own name.
So, I will continue to send you messages
no matter how long you roam,
and I will keep a candle burning for you
until you decide to come back home.

2 thoughts on “Without a Trace

  1. This resonated in me deeply. Will PM you something about it. I’m guilty of this lately. Someone abandoning their own inner child, can make you abandon your own. Light and darkness are equally contagious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Definitely PM me. It’s interesting how this resonated with you, versus my point-of-reference for writing it. Light and Dark are equally contagious! It’s just much harder to focus on and being the light. I really appreciate all your feedback and support! I’m glad to know you! 🙂


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