It’s Calvary, Not Cavalry

They told you to be like Jesus
when you were ripe and young.
But you actually took them seriously,
and you refused to play with guns.
They tried to crucify you for it.
That’s how 2nd-amendment rights control.
What happened to putting ears back on heads,
instead of watching them roll?
I read: “love thy neighbor,
and turn the other cheek.”
Bless those who curse you,
and only find AFTER you seek.
How about not conforming yourself
to the patterns of this world?
Or, arm yourself with God’s armor
when shit really becomes unfurled?
Out of faith, hope, and love,
love is actually the greatest of these,
but you continue to focus on death–
a much more aggressive and controlling disease.
I guess you believe in theory,
but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
Jesus’ LIFE was the ultimate law.
Stop focusing on death.
There doesn’t have to be a Wild West,
or dueling side, freak-shows,
dressing kids in bullet-proof vests,
to NRA Ephesians 6:10-14 prose.
There’s praying for those who don’t understand,
while hanging on you’re own your death-cross,
put there by a Pharisees’ hand,
hoping they could claim a loss.
There’s feeding the poor,
and loving thy neighbor,
the reconciliation of women
just by how Christ was delivered.
I mean Mary’s womb held the heavens.
That’s how he came earth
through a woman’s vagina;
through a very human birth.
Our violent, Euro-patriarchal culture
took gun powder from the Chinese,
turning church bells into cannons,
calling the faithful to their knees.
Your American Messiah’s twisted commands
are clearly nothing, but for show.
You own the finest-looking high horse,
keeping empty stables and your fields fallow,
raping and pillaging as you giddy-up and go
with a Nationalist, American-flag-cape,
flapping in the wind as you blow
smoke from your ears
and steam when your tongue rolls;
because your pew is warm,
but your heart is cold.
I will never stop advocating
for Middle Eastern Jesus Christs’ legacy.
You’ve mistaken one simple letter:
it’s Calvary not cavalry.

(Acknowledgement: I was inspired by Tanner Kelly’s phrase, “Womb held the heavens.”

10 thoughts on “It’s Calvary, Not Cavalry

      1. It was just that, I read this after reading a disappointing NYT opinion article about shootings and boys and the author said,
        “But to even admit our terror is to be reduced, because we don’t have a model of masculinity that allows for fear or grief or tenderness or the day-to-day sadness that sometimes overtakes us all.”

        Um, yes we do have a Model! You just don’t want to acknowledge Him! So again, Deah, thank you for this.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are welcome. I’m glad you got something out of this. I’m angry, and I’m tired of the cherry-picking and the not listening to women (also another great model). I mean Mary nurtured our model. I can think of other great figures, but this one happens to be mine. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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