They used to call me the animal trainer,
because I’ve wrangled beasts twice my size
and spent too much time directing circuses
in an attempt to get them to normalize.
I used methods and treats and discipline
to bend these creatures to my command,
but some of them preferred being rabid
and did everything to bite off my hand.
I even showed forgiveness a time or two,
because I knew they were instictually wild.
But, I finally threw the towel into the sucker’s ring.
It never mattered how I soothed or beguiled.
Besides, I’ve always preferred a distant howl–
a pack where the leader remains behind,
protecting the fragile ones from the rear,
knowing power remains vigilant and kind.
It’s a method that’s worked from the beginning–
operative alone, but collaborating in droves.
I suppose that’s why I failed in the circuses:
I was always supposed to play with wolves.